R/C Wi-Spi Helicopter

Remember back in the days when everyone on the street had at least one remote controlled toy, and you had to practically beg your parents to buy you one too this Christmas, so that you will not feel left out? Well, now that you are working, don’t you think that it is about time you treat yourself to the toys of your liking and interest? Case in point, the $169.99 R/C Wi-Spi Helicopter which is said to bring normal toys to the next level.

In a nutshell, you can deduce from the name of this particular toy alone that this will be a remote controlled helicopter that sports its very own integrated camera, and it is capable of transmitting live footage to a smartphone – regardless of whether it runs on the Android or iOS operating system, via an app. The R/C Wi-Spi Helicopter is also controlled using your smartphone or tablet of course, where you are able to save photos from the in-flight camera to your handset instantly, and follow that up with a quick share to a social network somewhere. I wonder whether kids who are curious to see their neighbors would use this to their advantage, and they might stumble upon some embarrassing scenes along the way, too.