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RC Palmcopter – who says good things do not come in small packages?

rc-palmcopterWhen it comes to remote controlled toys, it does look as though the ones which are able to take to the skies rather than being on the ground are a whole lot more fun. After all, such toys tend to offer a new perspective on things, but there is one major drawback – they do offer diminishing returns when it comes to the battery life. You more often than not have to charge for a whole length of time, only to get minutes of playtime in return. The $39.95 RC Palmcopter falls into this particular category, but we will forgive that oversight due to the insanely cute form factor.

The RC Palmcopter is an indoor helicopter which flies missions into the narrowest air spaces and best of all is, it can land in the palm of one’s hand. The micro helicopter’s rotors will measure less than 3.5″ in diameter, which would allow one to carry out confident reconnaissance flights around chandeliers and up stairwells. It sports built-in gyroscopic stabilizers that helps to provide smooth flights so that even novice pilots can have a great time with it without banging into anything, while the horizontal tail rotor works with a pair of contra-rotating main rotors so that the helicopter remains balanced when flying forward or backward, side to side, and up or down. A 20 minute charge via USB results in up to five minutes of flying, and the remote control works on a quartet of AA batteries.

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