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R/C Micro Metal Gyro Copter

Don’t you just love the wonders of miniaturization? That’s what we have with the R/C Micro Metal Gyro Copter, where this unique little device ought to give you plenty of flying fun as your driveway is covered with snow, meaning you’re stuck at home all day long. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, really, since ThinkGeek’s latest $24.99 toy will help you spend your time irritating your other half with frequent buzzing around her in the kitchen. Be careful though, she might be tempted to just end your little piloting project by giving the R/C Micro Metal Gyro Copter a nice, hard whack with a fly swatter as she’s doing her best to prepare a sumptuous dinner. This uniquely tiny copter sports a metal alloy-body, 3-channel control and a built-in gyro, now how about that? The inclusion of the gyro helps it to stay locked in the direction it is facing, and offers a much more precise movement in the air unlike other R/C copters. It takes 10 minutes of charging time to have this be a pest for five minutes – diminishing returns, yes, but its small size more than makes up for it.

3 thoughts on “R/C Micro Metal Gyro Copter”

  1. I agree with Dana, it’s tiny and although I broke mine trying, I think I could get the hang of it. First a runner snapped, then it broke off, and there’s no way to attach it. I had to remove the other runner, and on the next flight broke a main prop. 🙁 Very fun while it lasted though! Charges in 20 min, 3 min in air. I’d get another.

  2. P.S. Anyone who is good with 2 joysticks, i.e., PS2-3 would be able to control this a lot better than I can. Sooo… in that regard it’s mostly for kids. Keep it low, start gradually, don’t fly like me.

  3. i got mine from think geek and mine came in and the top rudders did not work and the controller only worked half the time it is bad

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