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RC Jump Jet takes off

rc-jumpjet.jpgThe RC Jump Jet is something different from the standard remote controlled planes and helicopters as it merges the best of both worlds.

It takes off like a helicopter and flies like a plane, using four gyroscopically controlled rotors and a not an inconsiderable amount of flying skill. The swept back wafer thin wings and tail help to control the stability of forward flight, and the multi-directional control allows you to fly in any direction you can think of, and often a few you hadn’t expected. Saying that this is cool is like saying Ricky Gervais is mildly amusing, or that Tiger Woods is quite handy at crazy golf. It’s really quite hard to describe (which is why we’re failing so miserably) just how awesome this indoor flier is. The way it moves through the air makes the Harrier look clumsy – even if it does have more weapons. To keep it light and balanced, the bodywork has been stripped to a minimum, and a twenty minute charge should give you a good ten minutes of the best indoor flying experience you’ve ever had.

The RC Jump Jet is supposedly easy to fly, and you’ll need to fork out £69.95 to find out. Well, it definitely is compared to the real deal, but being unconventional by itself will probably involve a rather steep learning curve, but I’m sure it’ll be fun once you get the hang of it.