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RC Heated Insoles ensures all your little piggies are nice and warm

rc-heated-insolesWinter is coming – or has already arrived, depending on which part of the Northern Hemisphere that you happen to live in. Having said that, have you made all of the necessary preparations in order to make sure that you do not end up freezing even in your very own home, requiring a really thick blanket so that you can remain nice and warm under it? Keeping one’s feet cozy is important, and there are a few ways to do so, including rechargeable insoles. However, take things further by another step (pun not intended) with the $129.95 RC Heated Insoles.

Yes, as the name itself suggests, this particular pair of RC Heated Insoles can be controlled by a wireless remote, and they will do their bit to make sure that your little piggies will be kept extremely comfortable for hours on end, without ending up sweating and causing undue odor. It will be different from the disposable heat packs which can actually scald your skin by accident, not to mention those tend to lose their warmth faster than normal. These insoles come embedded with ultra-thin rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and will be able to maintain consistent heat for up to five hours.

The accompanying remote control would allow you, the end user, to choose from your preferred heat setting of 100° F or 110° F, and there will also be a lanyard that is thrown into the mix so that you will always be able to have easy access to the remote for easy re-adjustment without having to bend down or to remove your pair of shoes. The molded, cushioned insoles will sport a quartet of insulating layers, and their slim heating elements will not impede movement, which makes them different from lesser insoles that come with bulky wires or sharp battery packs. The water-resistant insoles can be trimmed to fit, and they are easily wiped clean using a damp cloth, while the battery will recharge in a quartet of hours via the included AC adapter.