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RC Flying Car merges both the old and the new

rc-flying-carDrones do seem to be all the rage these days, and with so many different kinds of models to choose from, which particular one should you decide to settle for? Perhaps you might want to settle for something different this time around with the $99.95 RC Flying Car from Hammacher. The RC Flying Car can be best described to be a remote controlled vehicle which is capable of making its way over ground, and when you feel like it, you can have it take off to the air.

It gets up and around by swiftly rolling forward/backward on a quartet of 1.75″ diameter foam-tired wheels when on the ground at 67 mph scale speed, while the drone executes sharp lefts/rights from up to 130′ away when issued commands from its 2.4 GHz radio remote. One will be able to choose between two ground and air speeds, and a lot of it will be based on operator experience. Whenever there is an obstacle that requires airborne circumnavigation, the drone will respond nimbly with up/down, left/right, or side-to-side flight, as it is powered by a quartet of 4.25″-long high-efficiency propellers. Being capable of 360° movement that includes spins, loops, and rolls, the drone will boast of six-axis motion-sensitive gyrostabilizers that provide optimal flight performance; the remote also provides trim adjustment with audible feedback so a pilot can stay focused on the drone’s flight versus the remote. The rechargeable battery delivers up to five-minute flight times from a full charge using via included USB charger, while the remote is powered by a quartet of AA batteries.