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RC Ferrari Arno XI could be the only Ferrari the masses can afford

rc-ferrari-arnoA Ferrari is a thing of beauty, this cannot be denied. This is an Italian supercar that would cost you an arm and a leg to own, and then some. Not only that, many of the classic Ferrari models have become so expensive, to own one would mean you have long arrived on the scene of the rich and famous, and need not worry about money for the rest of your life – and for your next two generations, too. What about the masses who can only afford a Ferrari-branded steering wheel, or perhaps apparel from the supercar manufacturer? You might want to widen your scope with the $249.95 RC Ferrari Arno XI.

The RC Ferrari Arno XI happens to be a 1:10 scale remote-controlled hydroplane boat that has been specially modeled after the Ferrari Arno XI, where it managed to race to a world 800kg-class speed record of 150.49 mph all the way back in 1953, going to show that the Italian company too, has superior engineering not only on the road, but in the water as well. The RC Ferrari Arno XI replicates a similar distinctive plank-on-frame top-deck construction of the full-throated speed boats which gained plenty of popularity around the globe in the 1930s and 1940s, as the boat itself also boasted of a back-swept exhaust manifold and a period-authentic engine cowling. It will feature a watercooled, brushless electric motor that can send it propelling across water at speeds of up to 22 mph. The integrated battery delivers up to 20 minutes of operation, where it takes a full 80 minutes to juice it up.

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