R/C drink server is just in time for summer

Summer is here! And that means hours, if not days lazily lounging poolside enjoying the summer sun, the music, and a refreshing beverage. Too bad you have to get out for a refill. Or do you?

A remote controlled floating tray that can hold up to five drinks and a snack in the middle compartment. So, guests can simply lounge away on their floating air bed, and when the Radio Controlled Beverage and Snack Float sputters by, they simply place their empty aboard and await a refill.

From the catalog:
The Radio Control Snack Float delivers refreshments to your pool guests as they splash about – without you getting all wet. Unless, of course, you’re already in the pool! Simply stock this innovative water toy with up to five drinks, fill the center bowl with something to munch on, and tell your guests to make way for the snack tray! They’ll dive into summer snacks without ever leaving the water. Two-piece motorized float system has been 100% safety tested. One 9-volt battery, Six D-cell batteries, not included.

The cost of this cool little pool toy is about $50 US and is a must have for anyone planning a pool party this summer. At least until that R2D2 drink waiter gets created.

Hat tip – Gear Fuse