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The Razer Turret makes being a couch potato seem like a good thing

Razer Turret

We’re not trying to be lazy when we get home from work, but when you’ve already pushed yourself for ten or more hours, it’s just too taxing to do any more in a day. The moment the shoes come off and you get comfy, many of us end up with a controller or mouse and keyboard in our hands. Usually one or the other would delineate whether you’d be at a desk or on the couch, but thankfully we have all sorts of ways to make it so you don’t have to choose between one or the other.

 If you’re into brand name, then Razer has the perfect wireless gaming keyboard for you, and it’s called the Turret. This setup was made specifically for couch-lovers who want a PC gaming experience in a more cozy setting. This comes with dual wireless connectivity, meaning you can be hooked up to your console or PC and shouldn’t be able to call lag legitimately.

This is ultra-slim and has a hinge to fold up so it will stay out of your way when you’re watching mindless shows on TV rather than gaming. When you are tapping away on the chiclet-style keys, you’ll be happy to know that the battery should last for up to four months, if you’re not using it every waking moment you’re alive. It has a 3500 DPI sensor, ambidextrous form factor, and has anti-ghosting for up to 10 simultaneous presses. This is going to cost you $149.99, so you’ll probably need to be pretty serious about how comfortable you want to be before spending extra on this when you could just sit at your desk.

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