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Razer Tiamat 7.1 surround sound headset

Razer leads the gaming peripherals pack yet again with their latest gaming headset – the Tiamat 7.1. Of course, in conjunction with the Tiamat 7.1, there is also the lesser Tiamat 2.2 which we won’t be bothered with since that makes only a small ripple in the larger scheme of things. What makes the Razer Tiamat 7.1 so special? It is touted to be the first 7.1 surround sound gaming headset in the world, delivering unprecedented tactical advantage to you whenever you are engaged with enemies in a FPS (First Person Shooter), as you know just where your enemies would descend on you, letting you make the necessary retaliatory moves to turn the tables on them. Being the first 10-driver headset in the world, you get 5 of those in each circumaural ear cup that gives you true blue pinpoint positional surround sound. All 10 drivers will represent the 7 surround sound channels including the subwoofer; where 2 are for the center, with 1 each for the left and right, surround sound left and right, surround back left and right, and 2 for the subwoofer. The entire collection of drivers will work in unison to deliver a true surround sound experience. Not only that, those of you who love to customize things will be pleased to know that you are able to precisely fine-tune the volume of individual audio channels, position, and bass depth, while turning on the headset’s 7.1 surround sound mode when you need it – or switching over to 2.0 stereo mode or external speakers depending on the situation. This ensures your ears will always experience the best setup at all times. There is a price to pay for everything though, and the same goes for the Razer Tiamat 7.1. This particular puppy is not going to come cheap at all, where you will need to stash away $179.99 at the moment as it is being prepared for a worldwide release sometime in the fourth quarter of the year. I would say get this from the US, as folks living in Europe are forced to pay €179.99, and when you take the weak dollar into comparison, it is a no brainer just where you should make your purchase from. Press Release]]>

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