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Razer Sila Wi-Fi gaming grade router

Razer Sila Wi-Fi gaming grade router

Razer is no stranger when it comes to gaming peripherals that supposedly increases the efficiency of how you game, providing you with the very best hardware possible so that you can no longer place the blame on your mouse, keyboard, headphones or even mouse mat when you lose. At a very high level, even the thinnest margins count, and Razer has launched what it deems to be the fastest gaming grade Wi-Fi router in the market for various gaming platforms such as the PC, console and mobile in the form of the Razer Sila.

The Razer Sila is touted to deliver best-in-class speeds and interference free connection in even the busiest Wi-Fi areas, offering a Wi-Fi service that has been specially optimised for high-performance gaming, streaming and downloading multimedia content. Mobile gaming has definitely made its way into many homes, especially with smartphones sporting an ever increasing amount of processing power. Modern homes also do not look nice with a wired network in every room, making fast and reliable Wi-Fi all the more important. With the Razer Sila router, gamers can enjoy lag-free gaming and smooth, interruption-free streaming over a fast wireless network, as long as a you use a good wireless adapter.

Underneath the hood, the Razer Sila boasts of a suite of technologies such as Razer FasTrack, Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS and Mesh capability with a dedicated backhaul. There is even a mobile app that makes setup and management of the Razer Sila quick and easy. With the Razer FasTrack software, this proprietary QoS engine paves the way for smart traffic management. This is made possible via deep packet inspection and adaptive learning technology, as Razer FasTrack will then prioritize traffic based on application and device types. There is also a built-in detection for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch consoles, letting you fine tune your networks for the smoothest gaming or streaming experiences.

To save even more time, Razer FasTrack has a one-touch gaming mode, where activating that will automatically reserve bandwidth for online gaming. The Razer Sila is a formidable gaming grade Wi-Fi router with an asking price of $249.99 and is already available for purchase.

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