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Razer set to release Dragon Ball FighterZ Fighting Sticks for consoles

Dragon_Ball_FighterZWhen it comes to gaming peripherals, there are very few people who do it better than the folks over at Razer. Long been deemed to be the gold standard in gaming devices, the company will focus on consoles this time around with the Dragon Ball FighterZ Fighting Sticks. The Nintendo Switch is definitely ruled out, since it takes on a rather unconventional method of gaming, which leaves the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to be the right place for such Fighting Sticks to make their appearance. Working alongside Bandai Namco Entertainment and Shueisha, Inc./Toei Animation, these competitive arcade fighting sticks will certainly help increase your ability to perform at the very highest level.

 The Razer Atrox Arcade Stick for Xbox One and the Razer Panthera Arcade Stick for PlayStation 4 will boast of official Dragon Ball FighterZ case artwork, and to ensure that it works better than it looks, it has been tested by some of the world’s best esports athletes. In addition, these arcade fighting sticks can be customized, having been constructed while having modders as well as competitive gamers in mind.

Built from ground up using premium Sanwa hardware components, where they include 10 buttons and an eight-way joystick. In addition, those who are serious about their gaming will be able to customize the arcade stick in order to have it suit a wide range of playstyles, courtesy of the controller’s modular construction. Underneath its hood, the internal storage compartments show off dedicated slots that can be used for a detachable screw-lock cable, screwdriver, in addition to extra space for a couple more buttons. As for the Razer Panthera for PlayStation, it will even come with a Tournament Gaming Mode and will play nice with other major fighting games.

If you think that your beat ’em up skills are way beyond conventional fighting sticks and would like to see whether you are able to make a jump to the next level, then be prepared to fork out $219.99 for the Dragon Ball FighterZ Fighting Sticks. Regardless of which console you ply your trade with, it will cost the same.

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