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Razer reveals their BlackWidow 2016 mechanical gaming keyboard

razer-blackwidow-2016When it comes to gaming peripherals, Razer has been at the forefront of things for what seems to be the longest time already, and their collection of mice as well as gaming keyboards is an enviable one. If you have used a Razer product before, you know just how solid they feel in the hand, and as your fingers dance across the keyboard while you issue commands to the various units that are on the monitor, you are assured that each of those commands will be executed with precision. Razer’s BlackWidow keyboard is a classic, and it is nice to see Razer reveal their BlackWidow 2016 mechanical keyboard.

This updated full-size mechanical keyboard has been specially redesigned in order to bring advanced lighting controls and an extended two-year warranty, ensuring that it offers even more value than ever before right out of the box. To make sure that this happens, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate has been redesigned from the ground up, sporting an entirely new set of features, and will come equipped with the multi-award winning Razer Mechanical Switches, making it the first and only mechanical switches designed specifically for gaming.

The advanced lighting technology from the Chroma range in its individually backlit green LEDs is also special, since each of them can be customized via Razer’s Synapse software to display a range of unique lighting effects. Some of the preset effects include Wave, Ripple, Reactive, and Starlight, among others, while gamers can also set up their own lighting patterns through the advanced lighting effects configurator within Razer Synapse.

Apart from that, there is also the smudge-free top cover, a combined audio and microphone jack, a USB pass-through port for easy cable management and an enhanced indicator panel on the top right. Not only that, economy of space is also an idea that is explored here, as the latest Razer BlackWidow Ultimate also comes with a smaller footprint compared to its predecessor. The asking price of $109.99 certainly seems worth it, taking into consideration the kind of performance that accompanies it.

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