Razer Nari Ultimate wireless gaming headset

Razer Nari Ultimate wireless gaming headset

Razer products have always maintained that degree of high performance capability no matter the situation, and this has enabled generations of gamers enjoy great precision and accuracy regardless of the game genre they indulge in. While visuals and hardware like gaming keypads play a very important role in a game, so too does audio, and the announcement of the Razer Nari Ultimate wireless gaming headset that boasts of advanced haptics will seek to deliver a deeper immersive experience when it comes not only to gaming, but also for movies and music as well.

Razer HyperSense will feature haptics by Lofelt. Lofelt happens to be a leading German technology company that does nothing else but specialize in creating intelligent haptics for immersive, natural tactile experiences, making them the perfect fit to work hand-in-hand with a company like Razer who shares similar ideals when it concerns quality and performance. The Razer HyperSense will make use of special haptic drivers which generate multidimensional haptic feedback, delivering stereo capabilities for enhanced positional awareness. This technology is not limited to just games, but also extends to cover music and movies without the need for specific integration as it converts audio signals into tactile feedback in real time.

Very similar to earbuds for gaming, this headset it specially engineered with innovative comfort technology, the Razer Nari Ultimate will feature an auto-adjusting headband in order to deliver a fuss-free fit, while swiveling ear cups are more or less guaranteed to fit every head shape, accompanied by cooling gel ear cushions that help keep gamers feeling cooler for longer periods of time. Razer has also thrown in THX Spatial Audio that creates realistic depth and immersion by simulating 360-degree sound with pinpoint accuracy. Sit down in your chair and enjoy this amazing surround sound.

Do expect the Razer Nari to arrive in three versions: Razer Nari Ultimate, Nari, and Nari Essential. The Razer Nari Ultimate offers to most bang for your buck at $199.99, while the $149 Razer Nari misses out on the Razer HyperSense, with the Razer Nari Essential living up to its name by focussing on core wireless gaming headset features with THX Spatial Audio, comfort with an auto adjusting headband, and cooling gel ear cushions and lag-free performance at $99.99 a pop.