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Razer Naga Mouse crams in 12 extra buttons


When you’re a PC gamer, those extra buttons sometimes are what keeps you from dying nearly as often in the game.  However, there are some mice that tend to take things just a little too far.  At this point it just seems like they’re all competing to see who can fit the most buttons into one mouse.  Which seems a little silly, because frankly after a while I start to forget what buttons go with which function.  When it gets to that point, extra buttons just stop being useful.  However, if you have a fantastic memory, you might be able to keep up with all the extra buttons.

Well this Razer Naga manages to cram in a total of 12 different buttons on the side.  All of which will rest on the same side as your thumb.  I suppose if you never really set a good portion of the buttons to anything it’d give you something to fiddle with when you’re bored.  If you’re interested in getting a mouse with 12 extra buttons you can find the Naga mouse for $80.

Source: OhGizmo

2 thoughts on “Razer Naga Mouse crams in 12 extra buttons”

  1. Its a best gadgets I ever seen. Because I didn’t imagine that Mice with numbers its a good thinking and easy to and especially the gamers have lot of views and technical specifications on this Gadgets.

  2. To me this looks like a crazy design that is going to lead to some potential carpal tunnel problems. I am not sure about you, but my big thumb has problems pushing buttons on a cell phone. I cannot imagine doing this for hours while gaming on this mouse.

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