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The Razer Nabu Watch is for sporty gamers

Razer Nabu Watch

People who identify as gamers try to avoid the bad rep of being Cheeto dust-fingered fatties who do nothing with their lives but sit at a desk or on the couch playing games all day. First of all, doing that is fun and no one should be shamed for it. Secondly, how many people that you know who play games are like that? Just like people, gamers come in all different shapes and sizes, some exercise daily and others fit the stereotype.

For the ones that really love to work out, Razer has taken note and realized that the Nabu smartband wasn’t enough. The Nabu Watch is going to be hitting the market this month, and is looking just as good as most of the other sport watches out on the shelves. This has an OLED display that shows hours, minutes, and seconds, your alarm, world time, and on a second display will also show your activity, and a live feed of notifications. You can even scroll through your alerts for calls, texts, emails, and app alerts one at a time through the press of a button.

This watch also has a stopwatch feature, automatically syncs to the time on your phone, has countdown timers, is water and shock-resistant, and gives you a full range of fitness tracking. You’ll be able to keep tabs on your active minutes, steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, hours slept, and goals. The battery will be able to last for 12 months as it uses a coin cell battery, but the secondary screen will need charging once every week. The app to go with it is available for iOS and Android alike, and you’ll be looking at $199.99 for the stainless steel button version or $149 if you’re willing to wait until the end of the month.

Available for purchase on Razerzone