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Razer Huntsman keyboard offers the ultimate gaming performance

Huntsman Elite WR

Are you serious about your gaming sessions? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would surely know that there are several brands in the market that will be able to offer a semblance of performance that is worthy of a world champion. The question is, do you have the natural talent and ability to maximize the gaming keyboard’s capability? Razer continues to up the ante with the Razer Huntsman keyboard, their latest flagship device that boasts of Razer’s groundbreaking Opto-Mechanical Switch. The Huntsman is a full size keyboard, so if you’ve been using a compact and a gaming keypad so far, you might not even need that anymore.

There will be a couple of models from the new Razer Huntsman premium gaming keyboard range, where the first of the duo would be the full-feature Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard that comes with dedicated media keys, a wrist rest and underglow lighting. On the other hand, there is the performance-focused Razer Huntsman keyboard, and regardless of which model you decide to pick up, both of them will arrive with Razer’s latest Opto-Mechanical Switches that has key actuation at the speed of light.

The new Opto-Mechanical Switch from Razer will rely on optical technology to get the job done. Using an infrared light beam within each switch, it will precisely detect actuation whenever you press a key. The 1.5mm actuation point enables the Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch to actuate up to 30% faster compared to traditional clicky mechanical switches, all without compromising its tactility as it carries a similar actuate and reset points for rapid fire keypresses that can be found in a linear switch.

Each Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch has a lifespan that is rated up to 100 million keystrokes, which is double that of traditional mechanical switches. This should provide you with adequate peace of mind on being able to game with this keyboard till all of the printed keys fade with those millions of keystrokes. The presence of a metal key stabilizer bar fitted around each switch would mean fewer moving parts, and hence, no physical contact during actuation: ultimately reducing switch degradation in order to transform the Razer Huntsman to be a more consistent and durable keyboard.

Getting either model would mean you are primed and prepared to handle even the most challenging and demanding of gaming situations without having to worry about the hardware breaking down during the most crucial moments.

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