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Razer makes good its Leviathan Mini Bluetooth speaker

razer-leviathan-miniWhile the world might be currently obsessed with all things Star Wars, this does not mean that Bluetooth speakers in the Star Wars mold are the best. After all, there are many other players in the Bluetooth speaker market that churns out a really mean device or portable accessory. Razer, a name that has long been associated with that of quality gaming peripherals, is back with an oxymoron of a device – where it is know as the Leviathan Mini Bluetooth speaker. Normally, the Leviathan is a Biblical creature that roams the seas, being a beast that no man is able to tame, and hence, should be of an extremely large size. Hence, to see it carry a “Mini” suffix in the name is certainly a conundrum.

Still, the tiny but mighty Leviathan Mini Portable Bluetooth speaker is said to deliver the very best combination of audio quality, battery life and wireless connectivity, all rolled into a single device. Sporting powerful dual speaker drivers, the Razer Leviathan Mini delivers deep lows and crisp highs for up to 10 hours of playback time, which certainly puts it out of league of what other portable speakers deliver. Apart from that, another unique feature would be to have a couple of Razer Leviathan Minis be synchronized in order to deliver a true wireless stereo sound stage through Combo Play.

The Razer Leviathan Mini will connect seamlessly to smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices that are within a 30 feet range, thanks to Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity, and it will be complemented by the award-winning aptX technology for CD-like audio quality. One-touch NFC pairing is also thrown into the mix for ultra-fast, fuss-free connecting. There is also a built-in microphone enhanced with Clear Voice Capture technology that is part of the speakerphone, whereas a carrying case would pave the way for maximum portability. The asking price for the Leviathan Mini Bluetooth speaker stands at $179.99 a pop, and €199.99 across the pond.

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