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Razer Blade, world’s thinnest gaming laptop, has highest resolution 14” to boot

razer-bladeWhen it comes to gaming peripherals and in more recent times, gaming machines, the name Razer would certainly be worth looking into. After all, the company has proved its mettle in the past concerning the different kinds of mice and keyboards that have been churned out for gamers, and this time around, their Razer Blade gaming laptop has just received a brand new improvement instantly elevating it to elite company as it boasts of the highest resolution 14-inch display that is available in a laptop.

Just how high of a resolution are we talking about here? We are looking at a stunning 3200 x 1800 pixels touchscreen display that will boast of a record 5.76 megapixels, making it capable of sharply exhibiting even the finest details and text with 262 pixels per inch. Thanks to state-of-the-art IGZO/IPS (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide/In-Plane Switching) display panel technology that offers unmatched color and image quality, one would be able to enjoy a 250 percent increase in contrast ratio over its predecessor, where there is also high brightness LED backlighting that has been specially optimized for outdoor use, wide viewing angles, and dramatically improved video propagation and response.

Apart from that, the Razer Blade’s display will also minimize color shift while maximizing uniformity in order to make gaming a whole lot more beautiful than ever before possible. Yeah, just when you thought that things could not get any better, the Razer Blade will also come with a 10-point capacitive multi-touch screen which will work seamlessly thanks to the new touch interface in Windows 8.

It measures 0.7” thin, and despite that, it is still capable of packing in far more power-per-cubic-inch than any other laptop in the world. It will run on a 4th gen Intel Core i7 processor and relies on solid-state storage technology that will deliver boot speeds up to four-times faster compared to a traditional notebook hard drive, all arriving in a rugged all-aluminum chassis. This is definitely a beast of a machine, that’s for sure. It will retail for $2,199 onwards this April.

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