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Razer BlackWidow returns to dominate the gaming keyboard scene

It is rather disappointing to see just how Michael Phelps is a shadow of his former self in Beijing 2008 at this year’s Olympics, and everyone loves a happy ending, so I hope that the most decorated Olympian will have his chance to increase his medal haul before the summer Olympics is over. As for the world of gaming hardware, you can say that Razer has come up with peripherals that have dominated the scene for quite some years, and the Razer BlackWidow can be an example worth citing. This time around, the Razer BlackWidow is said to be locked and loaded for more mechanical domination in the gaming keyboard market. The latest evolution of the Razer BlackWidow family will include a couple of improved models, as well as one totally new edition which will certainly tempt gamers to see whether their coffers have the relevant amount of dough to bring one of these puppies home. Touted to be the “World’s Best Mechanical Keyboard Series”, Razer claims that it has just got better – which is something that we will look at in closer detail after the jump. The first update in the mechanical keyboard series which has long been famous for its crisp, tactile actuation and gaming-grade responsiveness, would be the Razer BlackWidow 2013, where it will come with heightened anti-ghosting and Razer Synapse 2.0 cloud technology. The Razer BlackWidow 2013 series’ enhanced anti-ghosting allows it to support up to 10 simultaneous key presses in game mode, not to mention coming with other improvements such as an anti-fingerprint matte black finish surface. As for the new BlackWidow Ultimate 2013, do note that the name “Ultimate” will convey a sense of superiority over the rest of the crowd. This model, too, will be able to showcase improved anti-ghosting that supports 10 simultaneous key presses in gaming mode, in addition to a soft pronounced tap and distinctive tactile feedback for gaming purposes. There is also an enriched backlight that ensures you are able to quickly spot the keys that you want to press in the event of a frenzied gaming moment, even when the light condition around you is deemed to be poor. Last but not least, the all-new BlackWidow Tournament Edition will be a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that sports a simple, elegant form factor, making it ideal for portability. It has no numpad to speak of, and the layout is light and highly compact, making it ideal for non-accountants and those who have an extremely limited amount of desk space. The asking price? We are looking at $139.99 or €139.99, depending on which side of the pond you reside on. Press Release ]]>

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