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This Ratchet Belt needs no buckle pin to keep your pants up

Ratchet Belt

If there’s one thing that is going to constantly change in your life, it’s your weight. We eat or stop eating in times of stress and uncertainty, work out and then fall in a slump, and it’s hard for us to stay in clothes that fit us properly. There is one item that is there to help regardless of whether you’re in great shape or saddled with a food baby after a buffet, and that would be your belt.

Belts are great at keeping our pants where they should be, but the buckle is not the most comfortable thing in the world. It can pinch you or cut into you, and over time the pin will wear through the material. If you’d like a belt that does its job a bit more discreetly, then this Ratchet Belt is the way to go. There are no holes, only a row of notches on the underside of the belt, and a tab on the buckle that will catch the notches, holding fast in place.

This not only means that putting on your belt is easier than ever, but there are also now in-between sizes as there are over 30 options on one belt with 1/4” adjustments. Depending on the type of belt you get it can accommodate up to a 48 or 50” waist, but you can trim it down to your exact size. There are options of black and brown with variances in buckles, but whatever you would choose would cost you $60.

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