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R.A.T.1 gaming mouse holds its own against the competition

mad-catz-RAT1Gamers are a pampered lot, and they will do all that is within their power – financially or otherwise, to make sure that they have an edge over their opponent. In terms of making sure one’s finances give them an edge, I am not referring to bribing competition officials, but rather, to use that money to pick up the best gaming peripherals that their hard earned cash can buy. Of course, while there are many different kinds of gaming mice to choose from like the Tesoro Gungir Optical gaming mouse, some folks prefer to stick to a particular brand, and if Mad Catz products have served you well in the past, why not consider picking up the latest R.A.T.1?

The Mad Catz R.A.T.1 happens to be a high-performance gaming mouse which has been specially developed for everyday use that will boast of a gaming-grade 3500dpi Pixart PMW 3320 optical sensor and an undeniable style that can only be uniquely attributed to Mad Catz. This happens to be a groundbreaking new concept in what a PC gaming Mouse could – and should be, as the R.A.T.1 will feature an innovative modular design, 3D printing and personalization options that you can truly make it your own.

It certainly looks out of the ordinary, that is for sure, as the R.A.T.1 comes with a skeletal Tripod Chassis that is detachable, making it possible to remove the ‘brain’ Sensor Module, so that it ends up as the perfect travel mouse in a reduced size form factor. Not only that though, one is also able to change one’s Palm Rest, and this will not be limited to the ones that Mad Catz are selling, but with your own design. All that you need to do is to download the 3D CAD Modelling Data for their palm rest socket, and play with it using a 3D printer. How’s that for innovation?

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