Rapoo H6080 and H6020 Bluetooth headphones offers a wireless listening experience

rapoo-headsetHeadphone technology has advanced to such a level where you can get a pretty decent listening experience sans wires without having to burn a really large hole in your pocket. Well, with so many different companies out there who intend to make a name for themselves, just which particular model should you pick up? Assuming you are not choosy at all and are in the market to wear one of these cans around your ears, then the Rapoo H6080 and H6020 Bluetooth headphones do seem to be a decent choice for music lovers who are at home or constantly on the move.

Both of these happen to be lightweight headphones that will be able to provide users with a high quality, wireless audio experience. The H6080 Bluetooth 4.0 headphones, for instance, are perfect for taking music on the go. It comes in yellow, blue or gray shades, and will boast of a foldable, compact design that makes it a snap to stash it away in just about any purse (of course, the tiny ones that are just meant to store coins won’t work here), backpack or carry on.

These Bluetooth headphones will feature COM-Ti membrane vibrating technology that are capable of delivering clear, bright treble and deep, mellow bass for high quality audio. Not only that, the headphones have another special ability – they are voice activated, and would enable users to actually attend to a call (accepting or rejecting it) simply saying “yes” or “no.” How cool is that?

The H6020 Bluetooth 2.1 headphones will be available in blue or black, and boast of a minimalistic style alongside a thin band and comfortable, cylindrical ear cups. When paired with the user’s smartphone, the headphones will be able to switch automatically from music to call mode so that life for you would be a whole lot more convenient, while you gain hands-free calling capabilities. The Rapoo H6080 and H6020 Bluetooth Headphones will retail for $49.99 each, so go ahead, take your pick.

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