Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard delivers both style and functionality

Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard

When it comes to wireless keyboards, you know for sure that a company like Rapoo is no stranger to this particular piece of hardware accessory. After all, it was at the end of last month that we saw Rapoo roll out their Rapoo KX mechanical keyboard, and this time around, they have another wireless solution for your typing woes – assuming you have yet to solve it, of course. Enter the Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard, where it comes in a stylish form factor, sporting wireless connectivity that has been specially designed to be used regardless of the setting.

Coming in a thin and light form factor, your fingers would be able to start typing on it without having to miss a beat, simply because it comes with full-size keys so that you can hammer out those words effortlessly for long periods of time, regardless of whether it is done at the home or at the office. Apart from that, the Rapoo E6700 carries an air of ultra-trendy appearance, allowing it to be a focal point of your work space thanks to its high-grade materials and polished look.

One will be able to wirelessly hook up the Rapoo E6700 to just about any Bluetooth-enabled device, where among them include a tablet, laptop, Smart TV and other devices which will also offer keyboard support. The Bluetooth 3.0 standard does away with the need for messy wires, and not only that, it will also add a dash of modernity to a work setup.

Offering the best of both worlds, this ultra-slim design will measure at a mere 4.3mm right at the thinnest point, and yet it delivers the typing comfort of full-size keys. There are 82 chiclet keys which have been generously spaced for a smooth, error-free typing experience that would let you be more productive for prolonged periods of time. Apart from that, save more space when you travel since the Rapoo E6700 will feature a Smart Touch Area, otherwise known as a touchpad, for easy movements, as it supports up to 15 configurable gestures for smoother navigation. Expect to pick this bad boy up for $59.99 each.