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Rapoo 8000 brings together fashion and efficiency in a single package

rapoo-8000Rapoo of China is back with yet another offering, and this time around it would involve a mouse and keyboard combo. This particular “partnership”, or so it looks like it, happens to cater for those who would want something that is minimalist in design, and yet offer bold accents that add a dash of style to the entire shebang. Of course, form without function is of no value whatsoever, so to have the Rapoo 8000 mouse and keyboard set come with both qualities are certainly worth checking out, as power users would fall in love with the accompanying high-performance technology.

First of all, the keyboard itself is elegant and sleek, sporting a bright accent color which will be a focal point of any desktop. The Rapoo 8000 comes across as a spill-resistant keyboard, allowing it to handle any of those accidental moments that can be considered to be inevitable in this day and age. After all, how many of us do drink our favorite coffee or other beverages while we are seated in front of the computer, poring over a document or spreadsheet?

Since the Rapoo 8000 will feature a wireless keyboard, that bit of detail does away with the possibility of working in a cluttered space, and to make you work in a far more efficient manner, it will run on a reliable 2.4 GHz connection that has a range of 10 meters and 360 degree coverage. There will be 79 scissor keys which will make up the keyboard – including customizable multimedia keys that pave the way for an easy user experience.

Not only that, the battery within the keyboard allows it to last for up to a year, although if you were to sit in front of the keyboard and pound it all day long, do expect the battery life to be shorter than the listed number of days. As for the high resolution mouse, it will offer the user complete control, precision accuracy, and fluid movements thanks to its 1000 DPI optical sensor, as it cooperates with the included Nano USB receiver. The entire outfit will arrive in four colors: black/blue, black/green, black/gray, and white/pink, with an asking price of $19.99.

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