Rapid No Turn Composter

Want to go green in your lifestyle but am not too sure where to continue after getting that hybrid car for the family? How about purchasing items that use recycled material as packaging, as well as turning your food scraps into compost for a much more fertile garden afterwards? Instead of making the compost yourself using the traditional methods, you can always harness the power of today’s technology to help you out in the form of the Rapid No Turn Composter.

This is the patented three-chamber bin that turns organic matter into compost in half the time of typical methods, without requiring frequent turning for aeration. Vegetable scraps, lawn refuse, and other raw materials are mixed in the top chamber where solar energy absorbed by the bin’s black polypropylene sides and lid (15% recycled) starts the decomposition process. After about a month, material can be easily moved to the middle chamber for further decomposition by simply pulling out a panel. As it continues to break down, material falls into the bottom chamber where it matures into nutrient-rich compost. Apertures in the bottom chamber provide aeration that helps speed decomposition and eliminates odors. Because decomposed matter does not mix with newly added materials, it cuts composting time to as little as 12 weeks – compared to the six months required by lesser bins.

Nobody said that going green is cheap though, as the Rapid No Turn Composter will set you back by a rather hefty $299.99.