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Randy Ross Stepper outdoor exercise bike for the masses

Are you a dedicated gym rat, but have decided that the age old adage, familiarity breeds contempt, is sad but true? Well, if you are searching for a different experience when it comes to your daily exercise routine, here is something that will totally change your thinking about exercising. The Randy Ross Stepper Outdoor Exercise Bike is a runner’s dream come true, featuring a convergence device that brings together an elliptical, stationary and road bike all into a single machine. This is one of the latest body fitness machines in the market that will push the trend of keeping oneself fighting fit and energized while having all the thrills and spills outside of the gym’s four walls. It offers a similar workout like that of a bike, but will also include the same muscular and cardiovascular workout that is experienced while running. The benefit of this? You don’t get injuries from pounding the pavement over the years, is is tipped to give you a workout of your life without breaking the bank.

The Stepper has 8 speeds and is extremely forgiving on the knees and back. It can accommodate both low impact exercise or an intense workout – as 30 minutes on The Stepper is equivalent to a 4-5 hours bike ride. Between the resistance and balancing without a seat, your body will never be in better shape and you will feel more rejuvenated than ever. This state-of-the-art workout machine is great-looking, cool and definitely a conversation piece. There’s even a version for kids and teens! Shaquille O’Neal, Phil McConkey and Marc Bavaro are just a few of the professional athletes already using and training with The Stepper. Even rick from Florida wrote “The stepper bike gives me the best workout I have ever had in my life. After 15 minutes on the bike my whole body felt like jello. Rick Orlando, Fl”.

With such huge names endorsing the Stepper, it makes perfect sense if your curiosity gets the better of you as you plant to part with your hard earned money for it. Just make sure you have a go at it daily, or else it would end up as a very expensive paperweight.

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  1. Dear Sirs.
    Please search the web for robbobike
    This is the coolest ultimate fitness bike going.
    Regards “ROBBO”

  2. What an awesome invention! I didn’t know it was possible to merge together all of my favorite workout equipment (ie. bikes and elliptical) and what’s even better is you aren’t confined to the gym. Very cool!

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