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Rand McNally Highlight is a unique Bluetooth tracker

highlightWe are all unable to have a photographic memory — only a handful of humans have the ability to do so, and these are very, very rare indeed. Well, we are thankful that there is technology which will be able to help us make better decisions while keeping track of our stuff — such as this special Bluetooth tracker from the folks over at Rand McNally. Rand McNally’s latest device, the Highlight, is touted to be a powerful and versatile Bluetooth tracker which enables users to shine a digital spotlight on tagged personal items.

You do not even need to have any kind of Spider sense in order to keep track of your devices, or use a Spider tracker like Spiderman. The Highlight trackers come in the form of decorative disks that measures slightly more than an inch in its diameter, where it will be stuck to valuables in a wide range of ways. The tiny design also makes it a snap to attach the Highlight disks to many important and yet easily misplaced items including a myriad of keys, wallets, laptops, and appliance remotes, be they for the sound system, fan, air conditioner, or even TV.

Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally shared, “We developed Highlight to help people stay organized and solve the everyday problem of misplacing items. Life is hectic and Highlight offers a helpful little reminder about your most valuable items when your mind is on other things. It also provides great peace of mind when you travel.”

Using the free Highlight app on iOS or Android-powered devices, you can then connect the handset to these disks. As long as the items are within the Bluetooth range, they can be detected. It also works the other way around, where pressing a button on the Highlight disk will then trigger a user’s misplaced phone and have it emit a sound, how cool is that?

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