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The Rainy Pot unleashes a tiny storm onto your hanging plant

The Rainy Pot

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as listening to rain falling. Its rhythmic chaos can ease your mind and sometimes help you fall asleep. Of course, it doesn’t rain every day that we’re stressed out, or when we want to sleep, so we rely on sound machines to lull us into dreamland or help us calm down. When it does actually rain, we don’t want to sit out and get sopping wet, but it is nice to watch the little droplets fall to give the Earth a drink.

If you are fond enough of rainfall to want it indoors, and also happen to be blessed with a green thumb, then you might enjoy the Rainy Pot. This is a wall mounted planter that will water your plants from a tiny rain cloud perched above what will be your newest potted plant. Of course, you will be the reason that water falls from above, as you will have to pour water into the hole on top of the cloud for anything to happen. The little holes under the cloud will make for an army of raindrops that will fall sporadically as the water filters through.

This is made of ABS resin, silicone, and a plastic board in the back so that no water will make it on your interior walls. You will of course, need to purchase a plant for this as it’s not going to come with one in the box. This will only cost you around $16, but will cost more if you choose to get a plant and soil. Seeing that keeping a plant alive is sort of the point of this thing, it’s likely going to cost you close to $30 when all is said and done.

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