Rainbow Star LED Lamps offer colorful lighting

If you like soft, slightly more subtle lighting you might like these Rainbow Star LED Lamps.  They are small and when the lights go out these lights will automatically kick on.  Which would make them perfect for kids to keep around as a night light.  The light can shine in any of its seven different colors.  It can either glow in one color or cycle gradually through a bunch of different colors.  Although I imagine if used in a child’s room, just one color might prove less distracting.

The structure of the lamp itself is a low-watt light source which is then wrapped in a glossy, hard acrylic shell that is then placed on a durable metal pedestal.  To give you an idea on size, each lamp measures about 10” tall.  These can either be plugged in or you can use AA batteries to power it.  Giving you more flexibility as far as where you want to put the light.  It is currently only sold out of Taiwan, so as of now most of us will have to wait a while before we ever get to own one.

Source: Technabob

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