Even Radios are Smart

Our sources of music definitely vary. Sometimes it’s our personal collection, sometimes it’s streaming a radio station, sometimes it’s a service like Pandora® or Spotify®. Moving back and forth between devices just to hear what you want is a pain! The time has come for a unified interface, regardless of the source.

Logitech, well known for reliable devices, launched their new line of Logitech UE™ products. The line is targeted to music fans wanting quality sound wherever they go. The Logitech UE Smart Radio provides a unified source to control your tunes, no matter the source. Power the unit on, connect to your wi-fi and the single interface allows you to access computer-stored music, online stations or music services. Save your favorite stations and playlists for one-touch access. And with an add-on app (iOS or Android) your tablet or phone becomes a master controller to access all your music sources. Take the radio on the go or in the back yard too. A rechargeable battery means up to 6 hours of wire-free playback.  The units, announced recently, are not on the market yet but expected to retail for $179.99. Preorders are being taken on Logitech’s website.
So more debate over where your music will come from. Now access them easily with the UE Smart Radio. Who says we have to use different devices to access our tunes? Not Logitech!

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