Radio-Controlled Feed Boat

feed-boatLove fishing but seem to be lacking the X-factor that allows you to land the right catch every single time? Perhaps the Radio-Controlled Feed Boat might be able to help you out, coupled with a sonar sensor, tipper for 4.4 lbs of bait, an underwater LED light and a range of up to 948 feet.

This Radio-Controlled Feed Boat will bring your bait and floaters to places that can’t even be reached with the best casting technique. Up to 300m (984ft) from your location. The one-hand control is easy to operate and will take the agile electric boat to the exact spot where the fish are – tracked by the built-in sonar sensor. The 5.3 x 5.4cm (2″ x 2 1⁄10″) display on the remote-control will show you where to find the fish and at which depth the shoal is moving (up to 30m /98ft in 2m/6ft5” units). In addition it will indicate the water temperature (0-40°C) and the absolute water depth as well as all boat movements and activities. The tipper discharges up to 2kg (4.4 lbs) of bait at the touch of a button. Along with your hook bait, too, if you wish.

The Radio-Controlled Feed Boat will be equipped with a couple of powerful jet motors from the 540 Series that are located within the hull, allowing you to navigate safely through severely overgrown waters, making short work of algae and twining plants. Powered by a quartet of AAA batteries that last up to 3 hours, the Radio-Controlled Feed Boat can be yours for £435.

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