Radio Toaster

Radio ToasterYou wake up in the morning, go into your kitchen, put the radio on and make your breakfast. Nothing wrong with that but what if you had a toaster, with a built in radio so you not only save time and energy, but you have more space in your kitchen!

Ok, it’s not the most needed item to buy for your kitchen. But it has definitely got the wow factor. Everyone who comes into your kitchen will dazzled by its unique structure and practicality. It will be the talking point of all your guests.

It really does work. The electronic temperature sensor adjusts its toasting time based on the internal temperature, insuring consistent results each time. It’s got multiple toasting settings including bagel and thaw, 6 thermostat levels and easy radio control for your favourite music or new station.

You won’t have the usual difficulty of getting the toast out when its done as this special toaster has a lift lever that is higher than most for easy retrieval. Putting the toaster/radio away isn’t a problem either as it’s got built-in cord storage. As well as a slide-out crumb try for a quick and east clean.

I think it would make a prefect wedding present or gift for any adult. They will most certainly be impressed. And for $59.95 it would be worth it. Think of how much a toaster AND a radio would cost, this is a bargain!

You can’t but realise that this radio toaster would be absolutely perfect for hotel rooms and guest houses. In my opinion, every hotel room should have one! It won’t take up much space, makes you breakfast in bed (if you set it on your bedside table), plays music to you and looks fabulous.

Even if you don’t listen to the radio much, you have to admit, this is one funky looking toaster. Not the usual boring thing you get about 5 of when you get married. Although the toaster will make your breakfast, tell you the latest traffic news and play some cracking tunes, it will not make you your tea, you have to do that all by yourself! [via Gizmodo]