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Radio Controlled excavator

Now here’s a little boy’s toy that ought to get dads all excited as well, since it has something to do with both demolition as well as reconstruction. We’re talking about the Radio Controlled excavator, which is basically an electric replica of an actual excavator rolled out in Italy by Despe. It isn’t light at all – no sir, not when it tips the scales at 28.5 kgs, making it the most formidable remote control reproduction on the market at point of publishing. Of course, for all the realism it offers, it costs a whopping $4,500 which is probably the most expensive remote control toy as well. Apart from that, you will need to purchase its 8-channel radio control separately – what a rip off! This will definitely rake in the chicks at your next beach outing, that’s for sure.

Source: Hobby Media

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