Racing Grannies

Racing Grannies

When I was a kid, my favorite toys were Legos, my Mickey Mouse Club Weebles and the set of slot racing RC cars. We’d dig that box of cars out every Saturday and set up the track, fight over who got to go first and we would race and race around that little track for hours. There were times where we would go too fast into a corner and the car would go flying off the track, then we’d have to retrieve the wayward car from under the couch and go another round. Once we fought over who got to go next, that is.

Now the folks over at What on Earth come out with a more mature version of my childhood favorite. The Racing Grannies, which includes two sweet little old ladies in their non-powered wheelchairs, is another type of slot racing cars that I remembered so fondly as a child. You can live out your fantasy of pitting granny against granny in a head to head match of epic proportions as you blaze around the track (trying not to fling Granny off under the couch, of course)

The track also features a sweet suicide track junction for that daredevil octogenarian in all of us. Who doesn’t love grandmas that have a thirst for adrenaline?

The 10-piece track includes individual, wired controls, track pieces and the two sweet little grannies. Requires four AA batteries (not included). Grannies are 3¼”H; assembled track is 15½” x 25½”. The set is $19.95.

They will burn rubber, but they will not bake you cookies.