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The Ra StrapLight is your own personal ray of sunshine at night

Brick Ra


When you’re out at night regardless of where you are, it’s hard to see where you’re going. Not to say you can’t see, but you still can’t completely make out the exact shapes of objects or bumps in your path. The textures and full detail of what’s in front of you is hard to make out when compared to having full daylight.

Using a flashlight can help with this, but it’s still only going to give you a focused beam, which is sometimes more unsettling than letting your eyes adjust to the darkness. If you wish you could save a little bit of sunshine for going out at night, then the Ra StrapLight will come to your rescue. This is the first of its kind, using 5 separate lighting modules that are mounted on a flexible stainless steel chasis. It uses CREE LEDs, which are high-efficiency lights that put out a super-bright, warm, natural light all around you instead of just ahead of you.

This is waterproof up to one meter, puts out 50-800 lumens, connects to a battery pack that can charge via Micro USB, and uses rare Earth magnets to attach to ferrous objects. It also comes with a mounting plate, which means you could put this light everywhere from the hood of your car to the sleeve of your shirt. Depending on what battery pack you choose, this can run on a full 800 lumens for anywhere from 3.5-14 hours. This is in the price range of $64-200+ depending on what you’re wanting to use this for and how long you need the light to run.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter