R2-D2 USB Humidifier

In the middle of winter, offices and homes always seem to be horribly dried out.  If you’d like a small refresher, then R2-D2 is here to rescue you.  He’ll make sure that you won’t get dried out while you’re working your poor fingers to the bone at your desk.  Sure he won’t work for your entire home, but he’ll at least come in handy when you’re sitting directly in front of him at your desk.

Not so shockingly, this gadget is originally from Japan.  However, Think Geek has actually managed to pick this one up, so you’ll be able to find it in other parts of the world.  The tiny humidifier is powered by your USB port.  Beyond that it’s pretty basic, just add water and plug it in.  You can purchase it through Think Geek for all of $19.99.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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