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The R2D2 Coffee Press might make mornings manageable


Star Wars courses through our veins much in the same way that caffeine does. It helps us to care about approaching each day, and gives us and our friends something to commune over. Coffee helps us stay alert, and Star Wars, in all of its various forms of media, helps us pass the time that we spend awake. It should only make sense then that we find a way to combine the two in one beautiful marriage of form and function.

This R2D2 Coffee Press will not only represent your geeky love of the story of a dysfunctional family in the stars, but will also provide you with the necessity of caffeine. This is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise, which doesn’t mean as much lately since so many things fall under that category. However, this is really cute, and is a purchase that will add something to your day rather than collecting dust on a shelf. No one in their right mind wouldn’t be excited about 32 ounces of coffee made for them by R2D2.

This is comprised of a stainless steel plunger, glass body, and a BPA-free plastic housing with the likeness of your favorite droid. Sorry BB8 lovers, but his body shape just isn’t conducive to a french press. This pre-order is going to cost you $39.99, which is nothing to snuff at since there will shipping to take into account as well. The only difficult part about your newfound friend will be keeping the coffee stains off of its white exterior.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek

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