R2-D2 is now an AC/USB Power Station

r2-d2-ac-usbIt looks like R2-D2 is a very capable droid, seeing how it has saved at least two generations of Jedi from certain death through its quick thinking and action, despite the fact that it has a bumbling sidekick of a protocol droid. Even until now, we are pleased to know that R2-D2 continues to deliver plenty of value for money in the form of the $29.99 R2-D2 AC/USB Power Station – which is an obvious piece of Star Wars merchandise that true blue fans would certainly do well to pick up, just like the R2-D2 Can Cooler.

This is an Artoo that can be wall-mounted, where it plugs into a Type B socket (US Standard), offering not one, but two USB ports as well as a quartet of US standard sockets to cater for all your charging needs, and to do so in style, now how about that? It is definitely a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, and out of the two USB ports, one of them will be 2.1A and the other is 1.0A, where the former works great for tablets as well as the other mobile devices that require a higher degree of charging power to juice itself in the shortest time possible.