R2-D2 preps your laundry for washing

r2d2-laundrybaskets.jpgR2-D2 seems to be everywhere these days, and this time he even keeps you dirty laundry organized by virtue of being a laundry basket.

Does your laundry have a nasty habit of piling up on your floor when you least expect it? Luckily these stylish Star Wars R2-D2 laundry baskets are imported from Japan and are here to assist. You get a set of two; One classic blue R2-D2 and one red R2-D1 (R2-M5 for you purists). These handy droids do all the work. Simply remove your laundry from the floor, and sort into light sides and dark sides (we prefer R2-D1 for the darks) by opening each droid’s head and dropping in your clothing. When a droid is full, take the contents and dump it in your washing machine with some detergent. Now press “start”. Voila! amazing mechanized laundry service at it’s best.

He retails for $39.99, and the pricing structure doesn’t really care whether you’re on the light or dark side of the Force.

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