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R2-D2 Peppermill Helps You In The Kitchen

sw_r2d2_peppermill.jpgYou all know a Star Wars fan in your life. More so, these Star Wars fans enjoy collecting items and gadgets that go along with that fandom. What could you ever pick up for a Star Wars fan that they don’t have already?

Well, over at Think Geek you can pick up an officially licensed Star Wars R2-D2 Peppermill. Cooking used to be a boring Star Wars fan until little R2 showed up on the scene to provide freshly ground pepper to liven up any meal. All you need to do is twist the R2’s head around to produce that freshly ground pepper goodness. Computer hacking and beeping and booping not included.

For such a specialized droid, the $19.99 sale price makes this piece of equipment a bargain that even a Jawa with stolen droids can’t beat.

Product Features

  • Pepper Grinder that Looks Like R2-D2
  • Twist R2’s head and pepper comes out the bottom
  • Licensed Star Wars collectable Imported from Japan
  • Peppercorns Not Included
  • Stands 4.75″ Tall

I’m hoping they come out with a C3PO salt shaker or grinder so I can have the full set of seasoning ready to display on my table. Hey, a Star Wars fan can dream, right?

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