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R2-D2 Mini Fridge does hot and cold

If you have a little extra cash to burn and have a thing for R2 you might consider one of these R2 mini fridges.  R2 has come in the form of a great deal of gadgets, mostly because he’s the most fun to recreate.  Yes, Yoda is awesome, however, it’s harder to create gadget after gadget in his image. Something created as a robot is easier to pull off and well, no one wants any C3P0 gadgets.  He just nags too much, plus he’s so tall and skinny it would make it difficult to use him for anything practical.

No, R2 has the gadgets covered all on his own.  The mini fridge isn’t that tall, the all around dimensions are 64cm x 51cm x 35cm.  You can also change if the fridge is set at either hot or cold by flipping a switch, so if you’re trying to keep some soup warm you can flip it to warm.  However, that means you won’t be able to store drinks in there all the time if you’re going to flip it back and forth.  Sadly this mini fridge is a little pricey.  It’s being sold on Toys East for $1070.  Which means you might have to save up your spare change for a while before you can pick one up.

Source: GeekAlerts