R2-D2 Mailboxes in a Post Office Far Far Away

R2D2 Mailbox

We’ve had the R2-D2 Trashcan and the cool R2D2 Webcam and the absolutely coolest of cool R2D2 R/C DVD Projector. Now the US Postal Service has noticed the versatility of the talented little astromech droid and we’re going to see R2D2 mailboxes.

When you post your mail in the R2D2 unit, it will trundle off and deliver it persondroidally to the intended recipient, either that or the US Postal Service is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars and just sticking R2-D2 decals on it’s postboxes (I know which I’d rather believe).

Found via The Force.Net via Oh Gizmo thanks Andrew.