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QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller – tough, resilient and cool

qunexusSo, you are a musician who happens to have a band going. The thing is, rather than making use of the usual slew of musical equipment, perhaps it is time you checked out something that is different? The $149.99 QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller would certainly play a role here, where this happens to be no ordinary keyboard, but a very special one, that will certainly help bring your future gigs to new heights.

For starters, the QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller happens to be an extremely durable, portable keyboard that will feature a smart fabric under each key so that it paves the way for complete gestural control. In other words, this keyboard will boast of velocity sensitivity as with any self respecting controllers do, but it also comes with tilt sensitivity, now how about that? This translates to the fact that in the proper mode, one will be able to wiggle one’s finger on a key to add vibrato and pitch bend, and the ilk. Rubbery and compact in nature, this paves the way for protection against spills and drops, and it can even be run over by a car and still work. Best of all is, the keys light up as you hit them for that added “oomph” factor.. Because everything, even the amazing QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller, is better with lights!

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