Quintet TFT Displays

I’ve had a dual TFT set-up for quite a while and couldn’t work without it. I will upgrade to triple TFTs at some point in the future once funds allow. That is until I saw these 5 TFT models, they make my dual TFTs look like something out of the dark ages. Just imagine the sheer amount of information you could display on that desktop (though you may need binoculars to read the furthest away screens.

The maximun resolution that these beasts run at is 19200 x 2400 or 46,080,000 pixels, which is absolutley crazy. You can even purchase an TouchScreen functionality option.

The range is called the Athens and you can find more info here. I do search the site and associated store for a price but to no avail, I find this generally means if the price isn’t listed I can’t afford it.

If the triple TFT option is affordable I’d be strongly tempted to go with that on my next upgrade but I think I’ll just have to dream about the Quintet display for now. If anybody gets one please send us a pic to publish here (but no gloating).

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