Quiet Pro gets “World’s Quietest Mechanical Keyboard” mention

If you are a single person living on your own, then you would have realized long ago that you are pretty much able to do whatever you want, without having to worry about someone else out there who have a different viewpoint from you. Well, there is a downside to it all, too, as having someone else journey with you through life makes it all the more colorful and interesting. When it comes to working late into the night, singles would not have an issue with the light turned on, but if you have your partner in bed with you, then things get a little bit more complicated. Lighting issues are one thing, the sound from your keyboard is another. The $149.99 Quiet Pro keyboard from Thinkgeek might help you solve half of your problems, where it has gained the moniker of being the “world’s quietest mechanical keyboard”.

The Quiet Pro keyboard comes with sculpted keys that are laser etched, and lives up to its name, being super quiet and deadly accurate. Not only that, it remains true to the times with a trio of USB ports in addition to audio and media controls thrown into the mix. Those who have won speed typing competitions before would be more than pleased to notice that you will no longer suffer from “ghosting” issues with the Quiet Pro keyboard. With a cable length of 6 feet, the Quiet Pro does seem to be the ideal workplace companion, especially if you love and appreciate peace and quiet in the vicinity.