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The QuickLock is simple, efficient, and magical


If you’ve ever used a locker during your school years, you have dealt with either a combination lock or a padlock. The combination lock is easy enough as you can write down the numbers or keep the combo in your phone, but a padlock requires you to keep track of a key. Unless you have a lockpick handy, you’re going to have a hard time getting into anything without one.

There are many things that still require a lock and key, and the QuickLock can provide you with a more advanced option of keeping your items safe. This is a lock with built-in wireless capabilities, and many options for getting into this thing. Made of a Zinc Alloy, you can open this lock through a swipe with a fob, card, or smartphone.

Not only can you easily open this device, but you can use up to 50 NFC keys with an unlimited numbers of phones. Why on Earth you would ever want to do that with so many different keys I have absolutely no idea, but hey, the options are there. You obviously won’t have to worry about remembering a combination or where you put a key, and it has a battery life that will last up to 2 years on one charge. This will only cost you $48.99, and but you will obviously want to have a Bluetooth capable smartphone for this to be of real use to you.

Available for purchase on OhGizmo