The Quick Removal Windshield Snow Tarp – Get up and go

Windshield Tarp

Winter is quiet and beautiful, with mounds of fluffy white snow and icicles dangling from the roof. However, it is not fun to deal with when the weather is still not bad enough to prevent you from going into work. Cold snowy days mean having to get up extra early to clear a path to your vehicle, clean off the car, and scrape ice off of your windshield.

If you wish you could wake up, roll into your clothes and peel the snow off your car with minimal effort, then the Quick Removal Snow Tarp is something you’ll want to have around. It is a tarp that you put over your windshield that is held in place by magnets and window flaps which will keep it from moving during the night. This would be great in any season, but would be best for removing snow without having to exert any effort while your car warms up in the morning.

This measures 79 x 47 1/2 x 1/8″ unfolded with the flaps, and without them it measures 56 x 47 1/2 x 1/8″. This is only going to cost you $19.99, and is bound to make things easier in the mornings. It also folds down to be stored in between uses, though you’ll likely want to keep it in good condition when you pull it off lest you try to put it on your windshield the night before while it’s still wet.

Available for purchase on Hammacher