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Question Block Storage Tin is a must for all Mario fans

question-mark-boxIf there is one particularly memorable video game character that we all know and love without a doubt, that would be Mario. Or Super Mario, depending on the kind of mushroom that he has eaten at that particular point in time. Nintendo’s rotund plumber who always gets the girl has a place in our hearts and minds, and so too, does his magical world. Who cannot forget the image of a glistening box with a question mark, and wonder just what kind of treasures that are held inside? Why not bring that question mark block to reality with the £12.99 Question Block Storage Tin?

It would be the perfect place to stash away your most secret of things, or even some mushrooms that you do not want your parents or the authorities to look for. This is an officially licensed storage box by the folks over at Nintendo themselves, just don’t fist bump it, or the contents within might just spill out for all and sundry to see. It certainly does not carry any gold coins, Super Mushrooms, or Fire Flowers, but whatever else that it can stash into its 8-bit representation of a box, that is up to your own active imagination — as well as curious stuff that you collect.

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