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Question Block Light allows you to punch your lights out

question-block-lightIf there is one particular endearing quality about Nintendo’s Mario franchise all through the years, it would be the blocks of question marks that you let Mario hit with his head. Most of the time, these will throw up some coins, while there are moments when a magic mushroom or flower pops up, as well as other kinds of superpower. Well, here is something that you might want to make use of when it comes to punching the lights out of something – the £24.99 Question Block Light.

With this unique piece of lighting, you will be able to bring a wee bit of Mario World right smack into the comfort of your own room. Not only that, each time you turn it on, it will emit that classic 8-bit ‘PING’ sound effect, which comes across as no surprise at all since this is officially licensed by Nintendo. Unfortunately, it will not throw out precious gold coins with each tap. It is powered via USB or batteries, so using the former would be the far more convenient option in the long run.